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Elana & David: 12/12/12


Elana and David met at school, but it was only years later, at her cousin’s birthday party, that he had the chance to tell her how he had had a crush on her since those days! She was unavailable at the time and it took a break-up and the need for (David’s) shoulder to cry on for her to realise that he was the man of her dreams!

Elana was referred to us by a mutual friend in the industry and when she came to us she already had most of her things in place, but felt that she needed someone to make it all come together and to make sure it was all there. Their wedding was to take place at the Newlands Cricket Grounds on 12/12/12 and was to be a traditional, Jewish ceremony. The decor was predominately white, but with splashes of bright colour that filtered in on the tables, in the stationery and even in the entourage’s clothes. The wedding cake was also covered with hundreds of tiny, bright icing flowers. Friends of theirs, who couldn’t attend the wedding, gave them the ‘Newlands score board’ as a gift – they had 4 different messages loaded up on the score board that looped every 5mins for the entire duration of the wedding.

ss score board





ss cake

To help the non-Jewish guests out, the couple printed a ‘Welcome to our Wedding’ card that explained all the wonderful traditions and the symbolism behind them. It was our first Jewish wedding and it was really wonderful to behold the age-old rituals woven into a modern couple’s special day! The ‘Chuppah’ that they were married under was hand-beaded and was specially brought in from Buluwayo, Elana’s place of birth.



Jewish wedding traditions include the Bedekken (where the Groom sees the Bride before the ceremony to make sure it’s the right girl!), the Ketubbah (Jewish wedding contract), the ring ceremony (where they get married with a ring that has been passed down from generation to generation, in this case from her grand grandparents that got married in 1911), the breaking of the glass (and ‘Mazel Tov’!) and of course all the boisterous traditional Jewish dancing.

Bedekken ss



There were so many special moments weaved into this wedding and the guests were taken on a roller-coaster journey of laughter and tears. One of the surprise elements to the day that had all the guests in stitches, was Elana’s daughter, Kacey’s speech. She told the couple’s story using chocolates and sweets that she handed to her newly wed parents to put in a box ‘for the honeymoon’. She told how David took Elana to a ‘lunch bar’ and how they held hands as they travelled there on the ‘top deck’ of the bus. It was filled with ‘endearmint(s)’.


Their wedding logo was their two fingerprints printed over each other in the shape of a heart and so guests also had the chance to put their fingerprints onto a colourful canvas that now hangs in the couple’s house. For gifts, each man got a hand-knit kippot in the wedding colours and each lady got a handbag clip that sported the fingerprint heart logo.



It was such a beautiful day and we were so honoured to have been a part of it. Mazel Tov, David and Elana!

SS COUPLEAuthor: Sunelle van den Berg

“Wrap up” wedding co-ordination: Blank Canvas Event Design

Photography: Stephen C Photography

Flowers: Prickly Pear Creations

Cake: Justine Hepple (Bespoke Catering)


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