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Some of our favourite 2013 Wedding Trends


2013 is going to be a beautiful year in the Wedding industry! I am so excited to see how the trends will come together to create spectacular weddings and decor that will be talked about for years to come. In 2013, there is no time for timid Brides. This year, the weddings will be bold and bright, glamorous and fun!

1. The Coloured Dress

Let’s start with the element that is always first and foremost in any girl’s daydreams about her wedding – The Dress! 2013 will see the rise of the coloured wedding dress. Whether it’s soft and pastel, bold and bright, ombre or printed or simply has accents of colour, the white dress is SO last season…

dress1 - weddingideasmag.comPhoto courtesy of

dress2 - Photo courtesy of

dress3 - Photo courtesy of

dress4 - weddingspot.comPhoto courtesy of

2. The roaring 20’s

2013 will see a come-back of the 1920’s vintage style in terms of wedding themes. Marvelous backless or flapper dresses, fur stolas, long strings of pearls, feathers and fedoras… I love it! I have to say, if I had to get married again, this style would definitely be on my wish list!

20's 1 - elizabeth anne designs Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Anne Designs

20's 2 - d park photography Photo courtesy of D Park photography

20's 3 - rosie Photo courtesy of

20's 4 - the petite soiree Photo courtesy of The Petite Soiree

20's 5 - Photo courtesy of

3. Got your back

Creating striking and unique backdrops as focal points behind tables and displays will be all the rage in 2013. Think colours, textures, prints and bold designs. This will be especially popular for behind the Bridal or main table and should be a culmination of the style, theme and feel of the wedding decor.

Backdrop2 - Rachel A Clingen Photo courtesy of Rachel A. Clingen

backdrop3 - want that wedding uk Photo courtesy of Want that Wedding, UK

backdrop4 Photo from Pinterest

rainbow3 - Photo courtesy of

backdrop5 - Photo courtesy of

4. In Mint Condition

Yup, Mint is back in 2013. We saw a lot of it last year and it seems like it’s here to stay. From bright green hues to soft, almost aqua tones, you can’t go wrong by adding a hint of minty freshness to your wedding.

mint2 - pinterestPhoto from Pinterest

mint1 - Photo courtesy of

mint3 - aphroditesweddingblog Photo courtesy of

mint4 - Photo courtesy of

5. All the colours of the Rainbow

Forget plain white, let it rain colour on your wedding day! Most Brides are afraid to implement bright colours in their wedding day, but it doesn’t have to look like a circus. Splashes of colour on the tables or a coloured ribbon here and there could also do the trick to brighten up the day. Although, that said, I think in 2013 we’ll be seeing a lot more bold and beautifully bright rainbow weddings.

rainbow1 - Photo courtesy of

rainbow2 - magnifiqueboutique Photo courtesy of

rainbow4 - Photo courtesy of

6. Print it!

Animal print, floral print, chevron, polka dots… Prints are BIG this year. We will be seeing it in runners, tablecloths and napkins on the tables, in stationery and even bridesmaids dresses and groom’s ties and socks! Mix it up, keep it simple, but always keep in mind, that when it comes to very bold prints, less is, more often than not, more.

Animal Prints:

animal print1 - Photo courtesy of

animal print2 - Photo courtesy of

animal print3 - Photo courtesy of

animal print4 - Photo courtesy of

Floral prints:

floral print - Photo courtesy of

floral print2 - Photo courtesy of

floral print3 - Photo courtesy of

Chevron (my personal favourite print for 2013):

chevron1 - Photo courtesy of

chevron2 - Photo courtesy of


7. Lounging around

We saw the lounge increase in popularity in 2012 and in 2013 it is a huge trend. Guests love to have an area set out for them close to the dance floor and the bar, where they can just relax and mingle. But, go on, make it interesting, why don’t you?

lounge3 - Photo courtesy of

8. Food trucks

I love this! Last year saw the rise of the food tasting stations, but this year, we’re going bigger: Food Trucks! Imagine having various trucks parked neatly around the reception area where guests could help themselves to burgers, hot dogs, ice cream, donuts, pies etc. It doesn’t have to look like a bazaar, there are companies who will customise the fronts of their vans to suit the style of your wedding and could even serve gourmet mini foods.

truck1 - Photo courtesy of

truck3 - Photo courtesy of

An ‘unofficial’ trend I think we will see more and more of from 2013 onwards is ‘sprayed flowers’. Not sprayed to look natural, sprayed to look sprayed. Using white flowers as a base and then spraying them softly with any colour imaginable, so that they still look soft and you still see some of the white base, but you get the colour you want without the fuss. Watch this space…

I love this year’s trends (have I mentioned that?) So, without further ado: HAPPY TRENDING 2013 BRIDES!

Author: Sunelle van den Berg


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