Jennifer&Thomas: 12 April 2013


Jennifer and I met over Skype a couple of months before their wedding. Skype is always a bit tricky if you are chatting to someone for the first time and you don’t have the camaraderie of shared memories to fall back on when there is a delay in signal or the video feed freezes, but with Jennifer, it was like chatting to an old friend. I couldn’t see her very clearly, but her kind voice and bubbly personality more than made up for those technicalities.

When we met in person for the first time a week before their wedding, I found that her beautiful interior matched a stunning exterior and I just knew that the photo’s from their wedding would be amazing.

jenniferthomas_duo_0023 jenniferthomas_duo_0019

Jennifer is originally from South Africa, but she met American military husband, Thomas, in Dubai where they both work. They looked so cute together – he, the towering soldier and she, the dainty flower. There were many who wondered why they didn’t just get married in Dubai or the States, but Jennifer had told Thomas that if he wanted to marry her, it would have to be in South Africa. And so here we were.

The ceremony took place in the beautiful stone church in Hout Bay, complete with wooden pews and a vestry and a string duet ushered our gorgeous Bride in to where she would say her ‘I do’s’. Decked in full military uniform, the groom and his groomsmen looked dashing and only Thomas’s smile when he saw Jennifer walking down the isle, could outshine the medals and badges on their perfectly pressed jackets.


jenniferthomas_duo_0022 jenniferthomas_duo_0042

The reception was held at Suikerbossie Restaurant and the hall was softly decorated in vintage creams, blues and pinks. The Bride very carefully brought the loveliest chocolate shells in dainty little boxes all the way from Dubai as gifts for her guests and candles and fairy lights provided the ambient accompaniment. Thomas’s motorbike fetish was jokingly portrayed in the cake topper and even ‘Cake Topper Thomas’ couldn’t keep his eyes off his gorgeous Bride riding pillion with him.

jenniferthomas_duo_0059 jenniferthomas_duo_0061 jenniferthomas_duo_0064 jenniferthomas_duo_0065 jenniferthomas_duo_0060

The weather was perfect for photographs in the harbor and the plantation behind the restaurant and Jennifer even managed to make rusty old boats and dried twigs look glamorous and elegant.

jenniferthomas_duo_0050 jenniferthomas_duo_0053 jenniferthomas_duo_0080 It was a beautiful day and a beautiful wedding and guests partied the night away as Thomas swung Jennifer elegantly across the dance floor.


Jennifer and Thomas, we wish you a lifetime of happiness and adventure. May you always look back on your wedding day with a smile and make many more special memories in the years to come.


Author: Sunelle van den Berg


Wedding co-ordination: Blank Canvas Event Design

Photography: Tasha Seccombe

Wedding Cake: Vanilla House

Flowers and Decor: Four Every Event

Venue: Suikerbossie Restaurant, Hout Bay

Hair and make-up: Jenro Beauty


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