Corporate Event: Metropolitan office launch

IMG_4245 (800x533)On 2 March 2013, a brand new office was launched for Metropolitan in Worcester at the Quenets mall. The purpose of this event was to create awareness and to draw new clients from the area.

The Carnival theme was carried through with balloon arches, slush puppies, cotton candy and popcorn that was handed out around the mall and stilt walkers handing out flyers and pamphlets in the surrounding streets, all in the Metropolitan colours of bright blue and white. The Metropolitan staff were on site to help potential clients fill out forms, to tell them more about what Metropolitan has to offer and to hand out some of the amazing prizes that people could win on the day.

IMG_4147 (800x533) IMG_4193 (533x800)

When all the prizes and treats were handed out and the stilt walkers could not stay on top of their ‘legs’ any longer, we could look back on a very successful day and Worcester was well aware that Metropolitan was in town.


Co-ordination and planning: DTMSA (in conjunction with Blank Canvas Event Design)

Balloon Art: Visual Creations

Stilt walkers and machine operators: Affrodizzyacts

Cafe chairs and tables: Distinctive Choice

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