Our spin on the 2012 Wedding Trends

Since the weather is not really ‘movement-inspiring’ and I am (almost literally) frozen to my keyboard, hunched over like the Grinch, I thought I would take my mind off how depressed I get every time I look outside by blogging about all the gorgeous and trendy wedding must-haves for 2012.

1. Glorious chandeliers and sophisticated tapered candles

We’ve gone full circle in terms of lighting accessories in the wedding industry, from lamp-shades to naked bulbs and everything in between, but the Chandelier still dazzles and takes first prize in the elegance fair, plus, let’s face it, they are simply just gorgeous. In 2012, you want to use chandeliers not only inside, but on top (of tables) as well. Even outside, they bring a romantic and very magical ambience. Just look at them – a very definite ‘yes please’ in my book.

The Royal Wedding has made quite an impact on the wedding industry, slowly taking things back to sophistication and formal elegance. Enter the tapered candle. Ordinary, straight dinner candles are SO last season…

2. Peonies

Soft, luscious and friendly, these flowers are must-haves in any 2012 wedding bouquet. Oppulence and abundance are the buzz-words in the floral centre piece category and peonies make them easy to achieve. Multiple pots of varying sizes and heights, with soft and singular colour palettes or colour blocking trumps the trends of last season, so bring on tables heavy laden with all sorts of floral delights.

Photo courtesy of weddingwindow.com

 3. Herbs and succulents

‘Going green’ by using fresh herbs and succulents will earn you a star in my book as well. We tend to overlook these when thinking of flower choices for weddings, but they are actually very soft and pretty. Herbs come in many shapes and sizes and sometimes have the most delicate leaves and flowers. They also have the added benefit of their aromas and, in desperate times, could double-up as a snack to peckish guests…

Photo courtesy of stylishweddingtrends

Photo courtesy of rebeccassilverrose.com

4. Moss

Moss brings to mind forests and fairytales, lesser trodden paths and streams or waterfalls. A big trend in the 2012 Wedding catalogue.

Photo courtesy of valocrat.com

Photo courtesy of weddingrumors.com

5. Found Objects

This is one of my favourite trends at the moment. I love seeing couples bringing their own style into their wedding by using ‘found objects’ that relate to their story or the theme of their wedding on their tables.

Photo courtesy of savoirweddings.blogspot.com

Photo courtesy of elsjedesigns.blogspot.com

6. The ‘Ombre’ trend

I love this! Doesn’t it just make you feel as if a master musician has run his fingers over the colour palette and created the sweetest of melodies? Major wedding trend in 2012 in florals, cakes and even dresses.

Photo courtesy of sposata.blogspot.com

Photo courtesy of bellethemagazine.com

7. Tasting stations (drinks)

Why only give your guests one or two options during ‘pre-drinks’? Why not give them the pleasure of choice and give them a chance to expand their horizons as well? Tasting stations are becoming very popular at weddings during the time when the couple goes away to take their couple photographs and the guests have to hang around and wait for them. Set up a few tasting stations with drinks (and the experts serving them) like signature exotic cocktails, tequila, whiskey or wines. Guests will not even notice that they have been left to their own devices.

Photo courtesy of keelythorneevents.blogspot.com

8. Food stations

Think of this as a ‘dispersed buffet’, where guests can move from station to station and make up their own menus as they go along. You can either decide on a central them and have a couple of stations that revolve around various aspects of this theme , or have multiple choices of varying food types spread over the amount of stations you choose to have. Eg. a simple menu comprising of lamb with sauces, potatoes, breads and vegetables could have the following stations: A lamb station (where different cuts of meat have been prepared in different ways – roast, lamb shank, kebabs etc.), a sauce station (different sauces, jus, spreads etc.), a veggie station (where there are various options to choose from), a bread station (pitas, rolls, ciabattas etc.). Guests get filled in on the options and they move from station to station to create their own plates. It’s interactive and gives a new spin to the candy buffet, which has proven to be very popular.

Photo courtesy of goldenapple.com.vn

9. Market-driven dining

All eyes on fresh produce. Think of plates filled with greens, cheeses, nuts, fruits and veg and fresh meats, plated in such a way to mirror the oppulent, home-grown feel of market-day.

10. Pairing

Food and wine pairing is a booming trend, but let’s not stop the success there. Think about all the lovely pairings you can do at a wedding, from arrival drinks and snacks, right through to dessert…

Photo’s courtesy of Karl Dreier Food Photography

**Are you inspired? 

Author: Sunelle van den Berg

  1. #1 by Chantal on June 7, 2012 - 11:32 am

    Fantastic blog and wonderful ideas!!!

  2. #2 by Donne on June 12, 2012 - 1:19 pm

    Lovely Blog and gorgeous indeed !!

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