Hennie Bosch: a MET-inspired 40th birthday

When your birthday coincides with the weekend of the J&B Met, what better way to celebrate it than with a MET-inspired party!

On 28 January 2012, Cassia restaurant at Nitida Wine Farm was decked in brightly coloured feathers, fairylights and fluffy tissue paper poms, a real Metropolitan extravaganza- the only thing missing was the horses. To make up for this, each of the guests were given a Rozette with their names on.

Guests dressed up according to the theme of ‘day at the races’ and soon, it looked and felt just like a VIP spot at the Met.

The tables were simple and colourful, with vinyl runners printed with Hennie’s favourite quotes in the J&B colours of yellow and red filling the gaps between the silver vases filled with feathers and tongue-in-cheeck props for the photo booth.

With live music from the husky voice of Ricky Nass behind his guitar, Rozette’s pinned on, wine and conversation flowing in between the courses of delicious food, I think that guests soon imagined themselves to be at the Met itself. The ambience was one of realxation and enjoyment and feet were soon shuffling on the dance floor.

The stars over the dam and rolling landscapes of the wine farm twinkled in time with the fairylights on the patio, cigars were lit, ‘Happy Birthdays’ said and laughter and music filled the night.


Author: Sunelle van den Berg

Stationery: Nancy Flint from Creatus Design


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