Zetske & Altus: 6 January 2012

Zetske van Pletzen married the man of her dreams, Altus Theart, on 6 January 2012 at the beautiful Oxbow Country Estate in Bronkhorstspruit. The day dawned sweltering hot and sunny, but there were a few plump clouds frolicking on the horizon, wanting to be a part of the magical day.

Set-up started the day before and between us, the staff at Oxbow and the stylists from Cafe Fleur/ Cor de Rosa the venue was being transformed into a sophisticated fairytale with a fun, tongue-in-cheek undertone and also more than just a thought towards Recycling and the environment. The stationery was printed on ‘green paper’, glass Purity bottles was recycled before the wedding to serve as the ‘lanterns’ along the walkway, left-over popcorn was collected from cinemas to serve as the ‘Cornfetti’ and even some of the flowers on the tables were used again after the wedding. Not only were they given their dream wedding, but by thinking ahead, they were also able to give back.

A willow arch was especially made by one of the Bride’s friends and it marked the beginning of the aisle, framing Zetske’s last few steps to where she would commit to the man she loves.

When all the guests were gathered and ready to take their place as witnesses, the clouds decided to pour out their blessings on the day in a light, sun-lit drizzle. Heavy enough to cause panicked thoughts of moving the ceremony indoors, but too light to cause thoughts to turn into actions and it was decided to keep the ceremony on the lawn overlooking the dam and the rolling grass hills. They were, thankfully, considerate in their outpouring and stopped when it was time for the Bride to make her way towards the white carpet and, ultimately, her Groom. Joseph Clarke, the Bride’s step-father, took the mic and the first few sultry notes of ‘I’m feeling good’ filled the air to reveal the gorgeous bridesmaids with their black parasols. As soon as they arrived next to the groom, a friend took up his guitar and Damien Rice’s ‘Cannonball’ beckoned the beautiful Bride to make her way over the lawn towards the arch. She was a picture of composure and grace, but tears of joy escaped her eyes as she met her father underneath the willow arch.

After a wonderful ceremony, guests blessed the new couple with ‘Cornfetti’ and made their way to the pre-drinks. Here, Brutal Fruit slushies and a candy table groaning under the weight of all the sweet delights awaited them while Zetske and Altus were whisked off for their couple’s shoot.

When it was time for the reception, guests were ushered into the hall to be entertained by the Groomsmen and the Bridesmaids who each had a little dance prepared for the occasion. Mr and Mrs Theart was announced and a split-second after they entered the safety of the hall the clouds burst into thunderous applause. Lightning streaked the sky and raindrops pelted the roof and windows, nature’s fireworks in congratulations to the newlyweds. It was a delightful symphony.

The cake was cut, the starters were served, the speeches were made and the evening was in full swing. Altus and his new step-father in law serenaded the Bride and the dancefloor was opened with guests waving sparklers to the beat.

Laughter and music was heard far into the night and the dancefloor swayed to the rhythm of many happy feet. The clouds opened up to reveal a starry sky and the moon looked down on the last throes of a completely blessed and beautiful wedding.

Author: Sunelle van den Berg

Thank you:

Blank Canvas – wedding co-ordination

Oxbow Country Estate – venue

Dreambird – stationery

Cafe Fleur/ Cor de Rosa – decor and flowers

Bon Courage – Champagne

Place in the Sun – Wine

Prestige hire – Tiffany chairs

Four Seasons – sound and DJ

Rudolph D couture – Wedding Dress

Designer Guys – Suit

Picture me and u – Photography

Plus3 Films – videography

Miz Gooze Berry – Cake and cake table

Photobooth SA – photobooth

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