Angelique and Ben-G: Behind the scenes

After nervously scanning our weather apps the entire week, 19 November dawned bright (and sweltering hot!) in Franschhoek, with not a cloud in sight and not even the slightest breeze. The day was perfect for our first celebrity wedding! We had been prepping and setting up since the day before and here’s a sneak peak at what went down ‘Behind the Scenes’ to create the fairytale!

18 November 2011:

We got to Vrede en Lust at about 09:00 to find the decor team (Four Every Event in Grabouw) already busy and the cellar filled to the brim with the most beautiful flowers. Angelique’s floral gazebo was already being set-up and a few flowers were already filling the oasis and mesh above our heads.

All of these flowers (above) still had to find a space in the gazebo.

Some of the centrepieces were already made up and were neatly packed out on a table, ready for the big day!

The team, hard at work. šŸ™‚

The entire tent covering the space where the reception was going to take place was being covered in fairylights and beautiful chandeliers.

Each of the guests were getting a beautiful, hand-made Venetian mask from Carrie B as a gift. Here we are, tying the ‘Thank You’ labels to eah of the colourful masks.

We had to put off setting up the gazebo outside and putting the flowers on the tables, because of the sweltering and unrelenting heat, but eventually we could put it off no longer. Here we are (with Nadia and her team from Four Every Event) setting up the tables.

The Bride (second from the right) and all her lovely bridesmaids popped in for a quick sneak peak at the venue!

Despite the heat, all the suppliers were set-up and ready when the time came for the wedding to start. The guests were seated and when Damien Rice’s ‘Blower’s Daughter’ started to play (and with Roedolph from ‘Roedolph D Couture’ giving the last few tugs at his masterpiece) the Bride and her mom were ready to walk down the aisle.

Author: Sunelle van den Berg

Blank Canvas would like to thank the following sponsors:

Vrede en Lust – Venue

Dreambird – Wedding stationery

Hometown Productions – Sound and DJ

Four Every Event – Decor and Flowers

Carrie B – masks

Perdeberg – Wine and Champagne

Cater Club – Pre-drinks and Bar

Wesley Vorster – Photography

Sweefilm – Videography

Springbok Atlas – Transport

Wade’s Cakes – Wedding Cake

W Heuer – White Piano

Red Hot Events – Lounge decor



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