DO-IT-YOURSELF: paper (2)

The following ideas will work great for kiddies parties! They are fun, easy and relatively inexpensive, so both the kids and your budget will love it!

1. Lollipop invitations

I remember as a little girl…ok, who am I kidding, even now… if something sweet came with an invitation, I was sold. So, these little invitations serve as an invite and a promise (of all the delicious goodies that will be served at the party)!

What you will need:

1. Lollipops (any size or colour of your choice. The round ones work best, though)

2. Invitation (printed or written on normal paper)

– the size of the invitation should be relative to the size of the lollipop

– make sure that there is no wording in the centre of the invitation

3. Tissue paper, cellophane, tuille or whatever will go with your theme

4. Ribbon to tie it up with





Step1: Place the invitation in the centre of your tissue paper, cellophane, tuille or material and make a hole through both with a punch or scizzors

Step2: Remove the original wrapper from the lollipop and put the lollipop through the hole in the invite first

Step3: Fold the paper around the lollipop (it will wrinkle, but the invitation will still be readable)

Step4: Follow with the tissue paper, tuille, cellophane or material

Step5: Tie a ribbon around the top to round it off and keep everything together

Step6: You can now write each kid’s name on the stick of the lollipop, or tie a little name tag to their ‘invitation’

Everybody will want to come to this party!

2. Teardrop paper mobiles

These make great dangling decorations and will instantly take a room/area from drab to fab!

What you will need:

1. Colourful paper (preferably a little thicker than normal paper, but not too sturdy as you have to be able to bend it into shape)

2. Ruler, pencil and scizzors

3. Clear double-sided tape

4. String, gut or ribbon

Step1: Using a ruler to measure and draw the lines first, cut strips out of a piece of paper. My strips were 2,5cm wide and each strip was 3cm longer than the previous one. I used 6 strips per mobile



Step2: Fold the shortest strip into a teardrop and secure the top with double-sided tape

Step3: Follow (in order of shortest to longest) with the rest of the strips, always securing with double-sided tape

Step4: When you have all your mobiles, cut pieces of string in various lengths so that your mobiles won’t all hang on the same level. Tie the string to the top of the mobiles

Step5: Hang the mobiles from trees (if the party is outside) or from roof beams or hooks inside the house and get ready to party!


Photographs: Blank Canvas

Author: Sunelle van den Berg








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