DO-IT-YOURSELF: Paper ideas (1)

Do you still remember the days before computers when things couldn’t just be e-mailed or texted? When letters still arrived by mail and there was that moment where your heart skipped a beat as you tore open the envelope to reveal the news inside?

Back then, paper came in useful colours and designs, but today there are millions to choose from. Different sizes, shapes, thick, thin, corrugated, embedded, patterned, plain, shiny, matt, see-through… The list goes on and on.

I love that about paper. That and the fact that it is 100% recyclable!

This week, we decided to play with paper for DIY events and our first experiment was with napkin rings. Yes, I know it’s actually old news, but we thought we’d revisit how easy it is to transform a bland napkin into an artwork. These ideas are perfect for parties, bridal showers or even high tea with the girls!








What you need:

1. Napkins (preferably plain)

2. Paper (in the colour/design of your choice)

3. Scizzors, ruler, pencil

4. Lace, ribbon or buttons for detail








Step1: Decide how broad you would like the napkin ring to be and cut out a strip of paper

Step2: Measure the strip of paper around the napkin to see how long it needs to be. The ends must overlap slightly

Step3: Stick a piece of double-sided tape on the outside of the one end of the paper

Step4: Wrap the strip of paper around the napkin and stick the other end down onto the double-sided tape









Step5: Either leave it as is, or add a bit of lace, or a button for detail











Here are a few more examples of how a napkin ring can round of your table and pull the theme through. It’s all in the detail:





Photographs: Blank Canvas
















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