DO-IT-YOURSELF: Soaps ‘n Suds

Table gifts can leave a big, gaping hole in a wedding budget, which usually leaves couples at wits’ end and at the end of themselves as far as options go. This week, we thought we would give a solution to this problem in the form of beautiful, exfoliating DIY soaps – always a hit with the girls (also super easy to make and super budget-friendly!)

What you would need:











1. Glycerine soap (preferably unscented)

2. Coconut oil (moisturizing)

3. Dessicated coconut (or just plain ‘coconut’, as we normal folk know it for exfoliation)

4. Grater

5. Microwavable jug

6. Moulds (any shape or size you like)


Step 1:

Grate the entire soap










Step 2:

Put the grated soap, together with the coconut (plus/minus 1/4 cup) in a microwavable jug









Step 3:

Add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil









Step 4:

Microwave this whole lot on high for about 30seconds to 1 minute









Step 5:

Mix it together and pour into moulds (go about this quite quickly as it sets quickly)









Step 6:

Leave it to set









Step 7:

Take them out of the moulds, stack a few together and wrap them according to your theme and colour scheme





Easy, practical and a great gift! Happy soap-making everybody!


Author: Sunelle van den Berg

Photography: Blank Canvas


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