DO-IT-YOURSELF: Diverse Doileys

Doileys have made a come-back in a significant way over the last year or so. They have gone from being things Grandmothers keep in their pantries and serve tea-time snacks on, to fashionable decorative items used in weddings and events the world over!

So, this week in our DIY blog, we decided to inspire you with a few of the miriad things you can do with doileys. (I wish we could say that all these ideas were completely original, but we have to give credit to all the countless blogs and other wedding sites that inspire us on a daily basis.)

You could use the doileys plain white for a more natural, vintage look, or colour them with food colouring, like we did here.


You will need:

1. Gloves (it gets quite messy)

2. Glass dish big enough for the doiley to lie flat in

3. Food colouring in the colour(s) of your choice

4. Doileys

5. Carlton roll

To colour:








Step1: Fill your glass dish with just enough water to cover the doiley

Step2: Add about a quarter of the bottle of food colouring to the water (less if you want a lighter colour, more if you want a stronger hue)

Step3: Place the doiley in the coloured water and make sure that the entire surface is covered

Step4: Turn the doiley over carefully (they are very fragile at this point and tear easily if not handled with the necessary TLC)

Step5: Take it out and place it carefully on a piece of Carlton roll

Step6: Place another piece of Carlton roll on top and gently press down to absorb all the extra liquid

Step7: Leave the doiley on the Carlton roll to dry

(make sure you have lots of space and LOTS of Carlton roll. My kitchen looked like the circus was in town!)









1. Beautiful Doiley Envelopes

We made two different types of envelopes, both were very quick and easy to make and look stunning.

1.1 French inspired









Gorgeous, right? And SO easy peasy…

Step1: Place doiley on a flat surface (like a table)

Step2: Place the card or invitation in the centre on top of the doiley









Step3: Fold opposite sides of the doiley over the card or invitation so that they meet in the middle

Step4: Thread a thin ribbon through two of the holes and tie a pretty bow – Voila!








1.2 ‘Martha Stewart’ envelopes









These are very cute and can be held together by wax seals, ribbons or personalised stickers.

Step1: Place the doiley on a flat surface (like a table)

Step2: Place the card or invitation in the centre of the doiley









Step3: Fold the sides over first so that they meet in the middle of the card

Step4: Fold the bottom up over the sides









Step5: Fold the top down and keep the top and bottom flaps together with a wax seal or sticker.

2. Cones

Doiley cones are very popular for confetti these days, but you could also use them at the tables with sweets or favours in them.




Step1: On a flat surface, roll the doiley to form the shape of a cone









Step2: Apply contact adhesive to the end and stick it down onto the cone

Step3 (optional): Take another colour doiley and fold a cone over the bottom half of the first cone (we used the smaller doileys for this)

You could now add a ribbon or a personalised sticker to the cone.

3. Bunting

Bunting has become ever so popular at weddings and doing it with doileys is just so simple!

Step1: Choose a suitable length of wire or gut

Step2: Fold doileys in half

Step3: Hang doileys over the wire or gut (you could staple or glue the two sides together if you are afraid of the wind blowing them away)


There you go! I hope you never see a doiley again as an ancient tea-time regime, but rather as a multi-purpose, genius little thing that is not only pretty, cost-effective and diverse, but also 100% recycleable!

Happy DIY-ing y’all!



Author: Sunelle van den Berg

Photographs: Blank Canvas



  1. #1 by realliferamblingssa on August 5, 2011 - 3:58 pm

    FABULOUS Idea Blank Canvas – cost effective and pretty! What more can one ask for!

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