Vineyards, vino and (rustic) vintage

Anica and Charlie met through mutual friends at a wine tasting dinner at the spectacular Hamilton Russell Vineyards and from that first moment it was love at first sight! When they got engaged, this beautiful venue was offered to them as a wedding venue and so, their married life would begin where they had first met.

With wine being such an integral part of their story and Charlie being quite the wine connoisseur, they wanted to incorporate it in their wedding celebration in the form of vine leaves as part of the decor and an extensive, specialised wine list integrated in the proceedings and the menu. Guests were treated to a Port tasting before the ceremony, wine and cigars while the couple were taking their photo’s and a wine menu of 9 special wines was served with the food.

On the morning of 16 April 2011, despite promises of sunshine and clear skies, we were greeted with rain and our plans to have the ceremony by the beautiful lake were, quite literally, rained on. Anica took it all in her stride (no tantrums for this beautiful bride!) and we moved the ceremony into the Cellar, where the warm, sweet smell of the casks and the wine created a lovely ambience for their ‘I do’s’.

In the Gallery of the house, where the reception was held, guests were surrounded by spectacular works of art, while the wine and conversation flowed freely. Horrux, the huge Great Dane, even managed to sneak in and give his baritone two cents’ worth during one of the speeches, giving half the guests heart attacks and leaving the rest in stitches!

It was a wonderful evening of wining, dining and dancing.

Charlie and Anica were happy… and so were we!

Author: Sunelle van den Berg

Photographs: Francois Pistorius

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