Durbanville goes Medieval

On the first of April 2011, the who’s who from Durbanville and surrounds traded designer outfits for Medieval garb and joined in the Festivities hosted by Blank Canvas and the Durbanville Boutique Wines Association (DBWA) at Rust en Vrede. Since the real moon had the night off, we decided to play an old April Fool’s joke and make our own, giant, wire substitute. Thus, the name was born: Fool Moon Festival/ Gekke Fees.

In Medieval times, the role of the jester (other than providing comedy relief), was to test the King’s wine for poison. (I suppose no-one would mind wearing such ridiculous outfits in the light of having survived a few of those potentially near-death experiences…) Luckily, for the Festival goers, none of the wine served at the Fool Moon Festival contained any noxious chemicals and they could drink and enjoy freely! There were about 10 of the Durbanville Boutique Wines strutting their stuff that evening and the quality (and quantity) of wine on sale was exceptional. There was a blend to suit every palette and most people were faced with the extreme moral dilemma of trying to decide which to buy!

Restaurants and Deli’s from Durbanville and surrounds provided the necessary sustenance with which to balance such prolific wine drinking and with the grub as with the wine, the choices were extravagant! Home-made pastas, soups and stews, delicate pastries and quiches, chocolates and truffles, burgers and hot dogs, cheeses and breads… A cornucopia of culinary delight!

Touring minstrels, Rouge Cabaret entertained the crowd with nostalgic classics and clever cabaret, while Manouche gave modern tunes a vintage make-over. Fire dancer, Martin Scott, took ‘playing with fire’ to a whole new level and from the stars in some of the kids’ eyes, there were a few parents who would have to find new hiding places for matches and lighters at home…

The evening was a success of epidermic proportions and despite the winter creeping in, fun was had by all!

Photography: Tracey Shaw

Author: Sunelle van den Berg

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