A Vintage Affair with a French Air (Part 3)

French Vintage decor brings the thought of intrigue, romance and European beauty to mind. It speaks the language of Amor and adds a definite shot of je ne sais quoi  to any event. It embodies romance and mystery and pays great attention to detail and style, yet does not care for perfection- au contraire! Think of it as a love relationship. It’s not just the star-studded qualities that make a person who they are, but the quirks and the little imperfections as well. Just so with French Decor. Forget about symmetry and straight lines, rather celebrate variety and individuality and those little, unexpected details.

Whether you’re a bit of a Francophile, like myself, or just like to be a la mode, French decor is very popular at the moment. It’s popularity stems from its use of soft colours, like Creams, warm Biscuits, soft Blues and Greens, earthy Browns, deep Reds and Greys, thereby creating a rich and colourful palette without being overbearing. Combining elements like glass, lace, paper, tin and wood creates a kaleidoscope of textures and the feeling of complete oppulence. Think about it. Putting the word ‘French’ before any noun, immediately alludes to luxury and indulgence: French Champagne, French Lace, French Linen, French Perfume…French Vintage decor!

Print the menu type-writer style on old, worn paper, place it (together with a little wooden heart and a few soft green leaves or a succulent) under a bell-jar, tie a piece of lace around the knob and voila! Not only is that a unique and original centre-piece, but it exudes French panache. Fill up the rest of the table with various jars of soft flowers, candles tied here and there with lace or pretty ribbon and hand-stitched, fragrant Felt hearts that the guests can take home as a souvenir. Tres chic!

French Vintage invites you into the world of fairytales and happy ever-afters! Say au revoir to stiff, repetitive and formal and bonjour to variety and vogue!


Photograph: Wesley Vorster

Author: Sunelle van den Berg



















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