A Vintage Affair with Rustic Flair (Part 2)

Imagine with me, if you will, a beautifully lush countryside. Gnarled, old trees with roots crawling over the rich soil, birds nesting in its branches and wild flowers peppering the surrounding open spaces. Fresh air, the farming community living off the land…                                        Now just before you start singing ‘The Hills are Alive’, think about what this could mean in terms of decor. Yes, you guessed it: Rustic Vintage. One of my personal favourites in the Vintage family.

Rustic (on its own) demands a warm and earthy palette and takes decor back to its…well, roots. It’s about using organic objects and colours to create a relaxed, informal atmosphere. Pairing it with Vintage brings in the rich nostalgia of ‘something old’.

‘Rustic Vintage’ equals time and lots of TLC, as it encourages a hands-on and hand-made approach when it comes to decor. It’s about using found objects and creating something that would add a touch of personality and style to the event. Twigs, for example, could be tied together with rough twine to serve as a rustic underplate. Never underestimate the value of good old Rooibos stained paper (just don’t burn the edges. That is SO last millennium…) Staining old newspaper with Rooibos immediately gives it that slightly curly, used look and as an added benefit it won’t stain exactly the same every time, creating a varied and unique look. Wooden buttons and vintage ribbon could create the most spectacular serviette rings…The possibilities are endless, really!

Instead of having formal floral centerpieces, a rustic vintage table could instead comprise of different sized glass vases with fresh herbs like rosemary, lavender or thyme, wildflowers and twigs.Think of incorporating the beautiful smells of the herbs, or even spices like cinnamon into the event, while fruits like pomegranates or apples could double as decorations and edible gifts. Take the guests on a sensational journey by engaging not only sight, but their sense of smell and taste as well! Serve home-made ginger beer as a pre-drink and let the guests make their own ‘Stokbrood’ as a ‘starter’ (not only in terms of food, but in terms of conversation as well!)

Rustic Vintage is all about good ol’ values. It’s about unique and interesting decor, made with love and effort, about good, wholesome food and about bringing people together, like in the old days. I love Rustic Vintage for the atmosphere it creates and because it will look different for every event.

Photographs: Wesley Vorster

Author: Sunelle van den Berg

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